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NBA Rumors: Cavaliers, Suns, Timberwolves, Irving & the Trade That Isn’t Happening

Posted on 3 Aug, 2017, by in NBA

We’re into the 3rd day of August, and all of the drama surrounding Kyrie Irving wanting to get away from the Cleveland Cavaliers is subsiding. He probably still wants to leave, but despite interest from a number of teams and the potential connection with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns, nothing seems to be moving towards a trade actually being made. More

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NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Mentioned as Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Partner for Kyrie Irving

Posted on 25 Jul, 2017, by in NBA

According to the rumors, Kyrie Irving wants to be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. To where? The alleged 4-team list consists of the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the Phoenix Suns might present the best offer, at least from the Cavs perspective. More

Phoenix Suns Season Preview: The Point Guard Abundance Problem

Posted on 8 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

As the Phoenix Suns enter the new season, it seems difficult to define what they want from this season. Devin Booker, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight give them a terrific backcourt to rely on, while Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss are the frontcourt hopefuls they’ll try and develop. But what’s the short term goal here? More

NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns, Jeff Hornacek Won’t Last the Crisis

Posted on 28 Dec, 2015, by in NBA

It’s hard to call what’s happening to the Phoenix Suns anything but a complete collapse. Eric Bledsoe now being out for possibly the entire season is more bad news that makes Jeff Hornacek feel even more pressure, knowing that the day of him losing his job isn’t too far away. More

NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns Have an Elite Defender in Eric Bledsoe

Posted on 2 Sep, 2015, by in NBA

After five seasons in the NBA, Eric Bledsoe still doesn’t have any All-Defensive team selections, but paying close attention to the shooting numbers he forces the best point guards in the NBA into suggests he might be deserving of one pretty soon. More

NBA Rumors – Phoenix Suns & Sacramento Kings Interested in Eric Bledsoe Trade?

Posted on 30 Jun, 2015, by in NBA

Despite being the team’s best player, the Phoenix Suns aren’t against the idea of trading Eric Bledsoe. A point guard hungry team like the Sacramento Kings won’t be against adding him to their roster. More

NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns to Re-Sign Brandon Knight, Trade Eric Bledsoe & Go After LaMarcus Aldridge & Kevin Love?

Posted on 29 Jun, 2015, by in NBA

One team that’s always ambitious in free agency but ends up empty handed is the Phoenix Suns. Their plan for this summer? Re-Sign Brandon Knight, possibly trade Eric Bledsoe while going after both Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. More

NBA Rumors – New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns in Eric Bledsoe Trade Talks

Posted on 23 Jun, 2015, by in NBA

The NBA offseason is full of surprises, and if the Phoenix Suns actually trade Eric Bledsoe to the New York Knicks, it’ll undoubtedly be one of the most surprising moves. Not just of this season, but over a long period of time. More

Oklahoma City Thunder – Russell Westbrook is the King of Triple Doubles and Inefficiency

Posted on 27 Feb, 2015, by in NBA

What good are triple doubles when Russell Westbrook is busy taking every bad shot that comes his way? He might be doing everything, but he’s also doing a lot of things wrong, helping the Phoenix Suns beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 117-113 after overtime, although it had something to do with the play of Eric Bledsoe and Markieff Morris as well. More

Suns Over Spurs – Champions Don’t Stay Undefeated Forever

Posted on 1 Nov, 2014, by in NBA

The San Antonio Spurs weren’t going to keep on winning forever, and often it’s better to lose and learn about your faults early on. The Phoenix Suns, with their trio of point guard combination including Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and especially Isaiah Thomas this time, haven’t caused their last upset of the season although at this point it’s not really a surprise. More