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The Dangerous Life of Being a Football Referee

Posted on 13 Aug, 2011, by in Soccer

Being a football referee in lower league games, like the 5th division in Argentina, can be a hazardous job. Like this guy learned, along with his whole officiating crew, during a match between Union San Guillermo and Atletico Tostado. I guess you need to consider who to send off these days. More

The Worst Soccer Referee Mistakes of All Time

Posted on 4 May, 2011, by in Featured

Refereeing a soccer match – one of the toughest jobs to have. No replay assistance, just call what you see, if you’re able to. You’ve got linesman and assistants, but sometimes they actually make it worse. Here are a few of the finest examples of why we need TV assistance in the game, from Diego Maradona to Frank Lampard, here are the worst refereeing decisions ever made. More