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Dwight Howard Meme Suggesting He’ll Never Escape His Free Throw Nightmare

Posted on 17 Sep, 2015, by in NBA

There are quite a few NBA players who suck at shooting from the line. Dwight Howard might be the one most known for them among current players, and it’s not going to get better for him. It only seems to get worse. More

Rajon Rondo, Making the Wrong Kind of History From the Free Throw Line

Posted on 19 Mar, 2015, by in NBA

It’s impossible to really understand the complexities of Rajon Rondo as a player and as a person. Perhaps the greatest mystery regarding the Dallas Mavericks point guard is his horrendous free throw shooting numbers, dropping to a historic low of 32.3% this season. More

DeMarcus Cousins

25 NBA Players Who Shoot the Most Free Throws

Posted on 14 Jan, 2014, by in Featured

Normally, we pay notice over here to the players who shoot worse than anyone from the free throw line. This time, it’s about the guys who can’t stop from getting fouled and going to the line. Dwight Howard, not too surprisingly, belongs in both categories, along with better shooters like Kevin Durant, James Harden and DeMarcus Cousins. More