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Chelsea FC – Eden Hazard Showcasing the Full Package

Posted on 9 Feb, 2014, by in Soccer

This is what Chelsea expected to see at some point from Eden Hazard when they first signed him – not just a hat-trick, but pretty much dominating every time he touched the ball, showing his full diversity of talents, from being a speedy winger to even a target man when necessary. More

Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Is Still Their Biggest Asset

Posted on 2 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

Is making a switch into a 4-4-2 formation, playing that way for an entire half, that much of a stroke of genius? Yes, or at least it seems like it when you win. Chelsea took advantage of conceding a goal after only 14 seconds to fire back in an unexpected way during the second half, as Jose Mourinho made a change that his usually quite resourceful opponents couldn’t handle. Demba Ba being the spark of change might have been even more surprising. More

Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Had Enough of David Luiz

Posted on 5 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

After bringing back David Luiz into the lineup for the last two matches, it seems Jose Mourinho is sending the Brazilian centre back to the bench once again, this time possibly for a prolonged period. More

Mourinho Knows What He’s Doing, But He Does Make Mistakes

Posted on 14 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Drama and controversy always follows Jose Mourinho, and nothing has changed since his return to Chelsea and the Premier League, mostly noted for his early benching and treatment of Juan Mata and his decision to loan out Romelu Lukaku, even though he might have been the best striker on his squad. More

Chelsea FC – Eden Hazard Shines Amid Tactical Brutality

Posted on 30 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

There’s now doubt Chelsea, with or without Jose Mourinho are a very talented side with Eden Hazard looking like the best of the bench when he’s free to use his creativity and skill, but it’s quite easy to shine when most of the tactical approach of your team is to deliberately hurt opponents at every opportunity and hope to get away with it. More

Chelsea FC – John Terry Not the Centre Back Jose Mourinho Should be Backing

Posted on 6 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

After so many years and so many incidents, it’s hard to separate John Terry the player from John Terry the man, the private individual, especially when one of his most famous scandals occurred on the pitch. Jose Mourinho seems like he’s going to stick with the Chelsea captain early on, but besides being quite the influential figure for the team, he’s simply isn’t good enough anymore. More

Chelsea FC – David Luiz Shouldn’t Be in This Situation

Posted on 31 Jul, 2013, by in Soccer

For some reason, despite being one of the best centre backs in the world for the last couple of years and playing for Chelsea, one of the richest clubs in the world, something about David Luiz and his job security at his current role simply doesn’t add up. More

Chelsea FC – John Terry Shouldn’t Be a Starting Centre Back Anymore

Posted on 28 Jul, 2013, by in Soccer

The old guard of Chelsea, which means the players who won titles with Jose Mourinho during his first run with the club, is still alive and kicking. The most surprising of the remaining champions is John Terry, whose ability over the last few years has been disappointing to be gentle, yet his overrated leadership skills remain a reason to make him a big part of the squad. More

Chelsea FC – Juan Mata A Level Above the Rest

Posted on 21 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

For almost an entire half, under heavy snow falling down from the London skies, Chelsea looked like the dream team someone envisioned them to be earlier this season. Not Eden Hazard, not Fernando Torres and not Oscar were responsible for the blitz, the speed and flair. It all began and ended with Juan Mata and Ramires. More

Chelsea FC – Juan Mata in the Best Form of his Life

Posted on 21 Oct, 2012, by in Soccer

Quality that wasn’t there when Chelsea won their Champions League title last season is here now, in the new faces of Eden Hazard and Oscar, who make life for Juan Mata that much easier, in return playing like the best player in the Premier League over the last few weeks. More