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Perfect Pitching Going the Other Way Now (Pirates vs Cardinals)

Posted on 5 Oct, 2013, by in MLB

Turning the tables was the main theme in game 2 of the series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates, with Gerrit Cole having an absolutely dominant performance on the pitching mound while Pedro Alvarez hit a big 2-run homer in order to reverse the roles and give the Pirates a 7-1 win, tying up the series at 1-1. More

Gerrit Cole Picks His Nose and Eats What He Finds

Posted on 30 Jul, 2013, by in MLB

Having a good rookie season doesn’t mean you can get away with everything, and Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates apparently forgot he was being watched. The pitcher, sitting in the dugout, decided to pick his nose on camera and then went on to eat the booger that he found. More