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Clippers Beat Grizzlies – Western Conference Playoff Picture Keeps Changing

Posted on 12 Apr, 2015, by in NBA

Every day and each game completely change the situation in the Western conference playoff picture, as the 94-86 win by the Los Angeles Clippers over the Memphis Grizzlies ties the two teams’ records and makes for a very interesting situation when it comes to the battle for the second place in the West. More

Memphis Grizzlies – Experts at Grinding Out Wins

Posted on 24 Feb, 2015, by in NBA

What is pretty basketball? Whatever it is, it’s not something the Memphis Grizzlies play. But if their style gets them eventually to a championship, perfectly doable this season, it’s not going to matter if they don’t pass the eye test, like in their 90-87 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. More

Los Angeles Clippers – Chris Paul Sets Himself Apart From the Rest

Posted on 21 Apr, 2013, by in NBA

With two teams that have very similar strengths, someone has to be the game changer that breaks the tie. So Chris Paul, the one you’d expect to be that guy, stepped up and took the Los Angeles Clippers to a very impressive series-opening win over the Memphis Grizzlies, who were outplayed and out-coached from the first moment they stepped on the floor. More

NBA Playoffs – Grizzlies vs Clippers Game 1 Predictions

Posted on 20 Apr, 2013, by in NBA

Two teams with similar strengths are the only repeat from last season when it comes to first round series, as the Los Angeles Clippers, holding the home court advantage, take on the Memphis Grizzles after both teams finished with identical records. More

Blake Griffin Slowly Turning Into More Than Just a Highlights Star

Posted on 8 May, 2012, by in NBA

Blake Griffin wasn’t on the floor for overtime, for Chris Paul taking over once again. But he built the lead that got the Clippers to overtime, in one of the most complete and versatile performances of his career, slowly breaking out of the ‘Just Dunking’ label, meanwhile possibly winning his first postseason series. More