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Memes of LeBron James Balding Make the Offseason Funnier

Posted on 12 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

Without training camps starting, all there is for meme makers to do is lean on past achievements and old jokes. However, making fun of LeBron James and his receding hairline doesn’t seem to actually get old. More

9 Best Memes of LeBron James Having Hair Problems

Posted on 1 Oct, 2014, by in Miscellaneous

Remember that about a week ago, LeBron James suddenly regrew his fading hairline? Well, it’s back to its fading-away position, which means memes are focusing on his hairline, not on the NBA season about to begin. More

Looks Like LeBron James Has a Hair Problem Again

Posted on 30 Sep, 2014, by in NBA

It hasn’t been long since LeBron James wowed everyone by presenting new Nike shoes while also showing off a hairline that doesn’t fit the description of balding. Fast forward a week or so into the future, and the missing pieces of his vanguard on top of his head are too obvious to ignore. More

Who Cares About Shoes When LeBron James has New Hair?

Posted on 17 Sep, 2014, by in Miscellaneous, NBA

While the purpose of the gathering at Nike’s headquarters was the unveiling of another new pair of shoes in the LeBron James line, his new hair, hiding any signs of baldness or growing bald, seemed to grab most of the attention. More