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Iago Aspas Proves That Chasing the Big Club Dream Isn’t For Everyone

Posted on 1 Dec, 2018, by in Soccer

With a brace in Celta’s 2-0 win over Huesca, Iago Aspas has reached 10 league goals for the fourth consecutive season. Another milestone in a prolific second tenure with the … More

Liverpool FC – Brendan Rodgers Cleaning House

Posted on 15 May, 2014, by in Soccer

The only way is up for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool, but for that to happen they’re going to need to get rid of a lot of extra weight which means players like Iago Aspas and Luis Alberto possibly leaving after just one season at the club, with the future not looking too incredibly bright for other players who spent last season on loan. More

Liverpool FC – Iago Aspas & Resting Stars is All That Mattered

Posted on 6 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

Obviously, Brendan Rodgers wanted to avoid the embarrassment of losing to Oldham in the FA Cup for a second straight season. He managed to get by that difficulty comfortably enough (2-0), but it seemed like finally giving Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho some rest and on the way getting Iago Aspas to actually score a goal might have been just as important as Liverpool winning the match. More

Luis Suarez

Liverpool FC – Philippe Coutinho Doing Everything But Score

Posted on 2 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

A new year and an end to a short losing streak that’s not the end of the world. Liverpool got Luis Suarez scoring again with a beautiful free kick, Daniel Agger back in the lineup, Steven Gerrard closer to full fitness while Philippe Coutinho continues to improve, only the goals aren’t coming for the Brazilian. More

Liverpool FC – Iago Aspas Can Fill in For Daniel Sturridge

Posted on 4 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

Sometimes when a player like Daniel Sturridge gets injured, the problem isn’t filling in for him with someone who can produce at the same level. Liverpool need a forward for Luis Suarez to play off of, but not necessarily someone who is going to score a goal almost every match. Despite his disappointing start to life in the Premier League, Iago Aspas can be this solution. More

Liverpool FC – Iago Aspas Isn’t Going to Last Much Longer

Posted on 13 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Out of all the signings Liverpool made before this season, right now it seems that Iago Aspas has been the most needless of all, finding it hard to find success in the Premier League. Right now, it’s quite hard even finding some playing time, starting or not. More

Liverpool FC – How Long Can This Last?

Posted on 8 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Even if Liverpool are tied for first in the Premier League and might be using the best striking duo in the Premier League with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, there are few who believe this excellent start to the season can last for much longer. More

Liverpool FC – The Return of Luis Suarez

Posted on 24 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Considering their most recent result, Luis Suarez coming back might not be the biggest problem solver Liverpool could have asked for, but it’s hard to believe anyone involved with the club isn’t ecstatic about the return from suspension of their best player. More

Liverpool FC – Steven Gerrard Can’t Be This Bad With Luis Suarez Still Out

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

In what might be his worst performance in a very long time, Steven Gerrard showed that for Liverpool to continue counting on him to hold their midfield on his own is asking for trouble, while manager Brendan Rodgers didn’t really help his team by insisting on Iago Aspas or playing with a weird, 4-centre back formation. More

Liverpool FC – Iago Aspas Gets His Moment to Shine

Posted on 21 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Maybe the Philippe Coutinho injury means the end to the impressive start Liverpool have been on this season, but it might also be the chance for Iago Aspas to finally show it was a wise decision to sign him this summer, and erase the bad impression he has left during the first month on the job. More