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2018 World Cup – Group B Preview

Posted on 23 May, 2018, by in Soccer

We continue our group-by-group World Cup preview by arriving at Group B. Some call it the Group of Death. Others see it as an opportunity for both Spain and European champions Portugal to claim some early confidence points against underdogs Iran and Morocco. More

2014 World Cup – Day 14 Predictions (Nigeria vs Argentina, Bosnia vs Iran, Honduras vs Switzerland, Ecuador vs France)

Posted on 25 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

Day 14 of the 2014 World Cup gives us the deciding matches in Groups E & F, as Nigeria play the already qualified Argentina while Bosnia have nothing to play for against a still alive Iran. In the later matches, it’s all wide open as France play against Ecuador while Honduras might still make it in their match against Switzerland. More

14 Best Memes of Lionel Messi Saving Argentina Against Iran in the World Cup

Posted on 22 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

One goal and one moment of brilliance from Lionel Messi is enough for Argentina to beat Iran in the World Cup, but also for all the meme and football joke makers to come out of the woodwork in praise of the Barcelona star, while also not missing out on the opportunity to make fun of Cristiano Ronaldo. More

2014 World Cup – Lionel Messi Makes Everything Possible

Posted on 22 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

It was another rough match for Argentina as they reached injury time without scoring and with little hope of busting the Iranian bunker known as their 10 man defense. But Lionel Messi, in bad or good matches, only needs a certain amount of space and freedom to change everything. His goal might be something we’re used to seeing from him, but it doesn’t make it any less pretty or important. More

2014 World Cup – Day 10 Predictions (Germany vs Ghana, Argentina vs Iran, Nigeria vs Bosnia)

Posted on 21 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

A very interesting day in Groups F and G, as Argentina have a very good chance of seeing themselves in the next stage facing a weak Iran team, Germany are in the same situation against a desperate Ghana side while Nigeria and Bosnia will also be looking for their first wins in the tournament. More

Iran vs Nigeria – Worst Match of the World Cup so far

Posted on 17 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

It should really be a waste of words written to try and dive deeper into the match between Nigeria and Iran. Somethings are better left untouched, but when such a fantastic World Cup with plenty of goals and attacking football in every match suddenly gives us a dud without a single goal and hardly a memorable chance, we have to dwell on it a little longer. More

2014 World Cup – Day 5 Predictions (Germany vs Portugal, Ghana vs United States, Iran vs Nigeria)

Posted on 16 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

The fifth day of the 2014 World Cup brings us one of its biggest matches as Germany and Portugal go head to head in a battle for Group G supremacy, followed by Ghana and the United States completing the picture in that group, while residue from Group F – Iran playing against Nigeria, also takes place. More

World Cup – Group F Predictions

Posted on 11 Jun, 2014, by in Soccer

Things seem to be pretty clear in Group F of the 2014 World Cup. Argentina, with Lionel Messi in his big moment 2.0, as the big favorites to finish first and go very far in the tournament. Bosnia and Nigeria seem to be in the mix for the second spot while Iran will be lucky to get a point out of a difficult foursome they’ve been drawn into. More