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Chicago Bears Trading Gabe Carimi & Not Signing JaMarcus Russell

Posted on 10 Jun, 2013, by in NFL

One of the ongoing storylines this offseason for the Chicago Bears has been the role Gabe Carimi will fall into. It ended up being a trading chip, getting shipped away to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a sixth round draft pick, while the chance they gave JaMarcus Russell to impress them hasn’t worked out, and he isn’t likely to be signed. More

NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears Might Sign JaMarcus Russell

Posted on 5 Jun, 2013, by in NFL

All JaMarcus Russell wanted was a chance, and the Chicago Bears, who have Matt Blanchard and Josh McCown playing backup quarterback behind Jay Cutler, are the team that gives him the workout he’s been working to get. More

NFL Rumors – JaMarcus Russell Getting Closer to an NFL Deal

Posted on 29 May, 2013, by in NFL

Lighter by almost 50 pounds since he began his comeback attempts, the new fitter and slimmer version of JaMarcus Russell, trying to find his way back into the NFL, might get his chance some time soon, with more than one team interested in trying him out. More

10 Worst Draft Picks in NFL History

Posted on 23 Apr, 2013, by in Featured

Draft time is coming, which means the national pass time of remembering all the biggest mistakes NFL teams have made through the years, with Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch being the measurement of failure with top picks joined in recent years by JaMarcus Russell and Vincent Gholston, comprising some of the list that features the worst draft picks ever made in NFL history. More

JaMarcus Russell Still Too Fat for NFL Teams

Posted on 11 Apr, 2013, by in NFL

It might become one of the most uplifting stories this season if JaMarcus Russell managed to find himself playing for an NFL team, but for now, just being on someone’s roster is good enough. Despite an impressive workout earlier this week, the main reason teams across the league aren’t offering him a tryout with them is his weight, feeling he needs to lose more of it in order to have a shot at a comeback. More

JaMarcus Russell, the Solution to the Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Problems

Posted on 19 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Sometimes, the best solutions for complicated problems come from the minds of people who do web comics. The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback who can absorb hits, because their offensive line, also in need of a fix, was probably the worst in the NFL last season. Answer? JaMarcus Russell. More