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NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Might Accidentally Make the Playoffs

Posted on 21 Jan, 2017, by in NBA

The incredible is happening, and the Philadelphia 76ers, surging on the wings of the Joel Embiid phenomenon, are actually being mentioned as a potential playoff team. More

NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Can’t Keep Embiid, Noel & Okafor Together

Posted on 17 Dec, 2016, by in NBA

The time for the Philadelphia 76ers to trade someone in their cadre of centers is coming. Joel Embiid isn’t going anywhere. That leaves Jahlil Okafor and especially a frustrated Nerlens Noel available for movement. More

Philadelphia 76ers Season Preview: Drowning in Big Men, Considering Tanking Again

Posted on 7 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

Two questions need answering by the Philadelphia 76ers as the head into the 2016-2017 NBA Season: Should tanking continue to be their strategy, and out of their big men crop that includes Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor and Dario Saric, who should stay and who should leave? More

NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid & Stopping the Tanking

Posted on 16 Aug, 2016, by in NBA

After two years of injuries holding him back from making his NBA debut, 2014 draft pick and former Kansas player Joel Embiid is getting ready to finally get on the court for the Philadelphia 76ers, a team that’s lost so many games over the last few years, it sees a rookie in a two-year delay as its potential savior. More

NBA Rumors – Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid, Sam Hinkie & Big Man Overload

Posted on 24 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

The Philadelphia 76ers are entering the first season in the post-Sam Hinkie era, but with his fingerprints all over the place, including Joel Embiid, bound to finally make his debut, and an abundance of big men, and the inevitability of at least one trade. More

NBA Rumors – Philadelphia 76ers Are so Bad, Joel Embiid Recovering is A Bright Spot

Posted on 25 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Odds are Joel Embiid is going to end up being one of the biggest draft busts of all time if he actually ever plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. With the season they’re having, him getting slightly better and closer to return is the best news they can get. More

NBA Rumors – Philadelphia 76ers Very Secretive About Joel Embiid

Posted on 11 Aug, 2015, by in NBA

What’s going on with Joel Embiid? A third overall pick in 2014, he won’t be making his NBA debut this season as well after his foot has healed up well enough. The Philadelphia 76ers did announce he was going to have surgery, but what’s actually going on? More

NBA Rumors – Philadelphia 76ers Really Made a Bad Choice With Joel Embiid

Posted on 12 Jul, 2015, by in NBA

From the next Hakeem Olajuwon, it looks like the Philadelphia 76ers have landed something worse than Hasheem Thabeet and Greg Oden combined. Joel Embiid is heading towards what looks like a second missed season. Will he ever even have a rookie campaign? More

NBA Rumors – Joel Embiid Injured; Philadelphia 76ers Example of Why You Shouldn’t Tank

Posted on 14 Jun, 2015, by in NBA

So, how’s that Joel Embiid rehab going? Not too good? Imagine that. A plan of rebuilding a franchise that consists of chucking away good players and betting everything on the draft doesn’t seem to be panning out. The Philadelphia 76ers might be patient, but when does Sam Hinkie stop looking like a genius and is shown for being the NBA gambler he is? More

17 Best Memes of the 2014 NBA Draft

Posted on 27 Jun, 2014, by in NBA

As always, the NBA Draft was about making fun of suits and reactions, not just seeing who goes where. Andrew Wiggins dazzled, Joel Embiid and Zach LaVine made everyone laugh while the Miami Heat kept on doing everything they can to make LeBron James happy by adding Shabazz Napier. More