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NBA: Focus on the Fun Things, Like Damian Lillard

Posted on 3 Nov, 2017, by in NBA

One of the problems in a league that everyone seems to know how it’s going to end is maintaining interest during the regular season, which everyone thinks is too long. The solution for neutral fans, or those who support teams that aren’t gonna come close to winning anything in 2018, is to focus on the fun. You know, something that Damian Lillard is all about. More

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15 Best Memes of the New Big Baller Brand Shoe

Posted on 5 May, 2017, by in NBA

The biggest joke in the basketball world, LaVar Ball, continues to torment his son’s NBA career before it even began, as the meme makers ripped the new signature shoes of the BBB (Big Baller Brand) to shreds, for their look and for their price. More