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Arsenal FC – Theo Walcott Can Cover for Olivier Giroud

Posted on 2 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

Even with so many injuries, Arsene Wenger had enough quality in his attack and midfield to start Theo Walcott, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla for Arsenal, while Nicklas Bendtner showed once again that he might not be the best in the world, but there’s certainly uses for him when a team is missing their starting striker. More

Arsenal FC – Aaron Ramsey Becomes the Star He Was Made to Be

Posted on 28 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

Maybe Aaron Ramsey should have been at this place sooner, but serious injuries get in the way. But Arsenal have a huge need for anyone who can raise their game to the level of someone Arsene Wenger isn’t signing, and it seems that Ramsey, for the first time in three years, is doing that bit better than anyone else. More

Arsenal FC – Lukas Podolski Hasn’t Forgotten How to Score

Posted on 25 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

There’s a very good chance that the best player on the pitch for Arsenal was Aaron Ramsey in a nearly flawless display in the middle of the field as their deep-lying playmaker, but Lukas Podolski grabbed most of the headlines with a somewhat out-of-nowhere brace, removing any doubt of him making a sudden exit from the club. More

Arsenal FC – Olivier Giroud Continues to Cofuse

Posted on 4 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s hard putting a finger on what is keeping Olivier Giroud from being a world class striker, but there’s something missing. Even these acrobatic goals and impressive performances in the penalty box from time to time aren’t going to convince anyone he’s the answer to all of the problems Arsenal have been trying to fix over the years. More

Arsenal FC – Arsene Wenger & His Principles Can’t Win Championships

Posted on 1 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

The biggest question Arsenal fans are asking themselves this offseason – Why isn’t Arsene Wenger spending all of that £70 million (or at least some of it) in order to improve the team and put it once again at or near the top of the Premier League, while making it more competitive for the Champions League? More

Transfer Rumors 2013 – Borussia Dortmund Interested in Lukas Podolski

Posted on 2 Jun, 2013, by in Soccer

So far, the short off-season has been about the players Borussia Dortmund are going to lose rather than gain, but they’re also going to be players in the market, with Lukas Podolski of Arsenal on their sights in hope of bolstering the going-to-be-weakened attack. More

Arsenal FC – Lukas Podolski Knows How to Finish Counter Attacks

Posted on 15 May, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s pretty clear that no matter what, Theo Walcott will not be playing as a striker for Arsenal, but using Lukas Podolski in that position isn’t exactly the greatest of solutions. So how does it still work? Forgetting about possession football that has been a huge part of the gunners’ DNA over the last few years, and simply relying on solid defending and quick counter attacking, which only needs smart and quick decision making on the break instead of players in certain positions. More

Arsenal FC – Lukas Podolski Shouldn’t Be Pleased About Debut Season

Posted on 9 May, 2013, by in Soccer

While Lukas Podolski seems to be more worried that his current ankle injury is going to keep him out of the Germany internationals, it is his form for Arsenal over this entire season that needs to concern him, which as been a lot closer to a failure than a success. More

Arsenal FC – Theo Walcott Strikes Before it Got Really Boring

Posted on 5 May, 2013, by in Soccer

Boring Arsenal is no longer a chant attached to the team George Graham led to win two Premier League titles over 20 years ago. It’s alive and well, even under the hands of the Arsene Wenger, who’s no longer the magician he used to be. Theo Walcott may have broken the club’s Premier League record for quickest ever goal, but there was nothing too impressive in the 89 minutes that followed. More

Arsenal FC – Santi Cazrola Doing Just Fine On His Own

Posted on 21 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

Benching Jack Wilshere was one of the best decisions Arsene Wenger has made in a long time, even with everyone for the hope of English football to be playing 90 minutes every time. At the moment, Arsenal are a better team without him in the lineup, allowing Santi Cazorla, a better player than the young Englishman, to be at his best, which means more wins for a side that is third at the moment, but needs teams to drop points in order to remain there. More