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MLB Rumors: Atlanta Braves Don’t Plan Massive Change for 2017

Posted on 14 Sep, 2016, by in MLB

This season is currently one pace to be the worst for the Atlanta Braves since 1988, but the team’s general manager, John Coppolella, doesn’t think it’ll take massive changes to improve them in 2017: Dipping into free agency, maybe some trades, and continuing to focus on young talent and draft picks. More

Dodgers Beat Padres – New Guy Does Better Than the One Who Left

Posted on 7 Apr, 2015, by in MLB

It wasn’t the best of opening day performances from Clayton Kershaw, but it didn’t stop the Los Angeles Dodgers from beating the San Diego Padres 6-3 thanks to a very nice debut from Jimmy Rollins, outshining the performance from Matt Kemp against his former team. More

MLB Playoffs – Los Angeles Dodgers Shine Late, St. Louis Cardinals Can’t Hit

Posted on 5 Oct, 2014, by in MLB

After an explosive first game in the series, the Los Angeles Dodgers bounce back with a 3-2 win thanks to a game-winning home run from Matt Kemp in the 8th inning, while the St. Louis Cardinals, losing their lead in the NLDS, found it very difficult to get anything going offensively. More

Dodgers Over Giants – Matt Cain Gets Destroyed

Posted on 7 Apr, 2014, by in MLB

The Los Angeles Dodgers avoid getting swept at home by the San Francisco Giants with a 6-2 win, highlighted by Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez hitting two home runs each, making it an awful day for Matt Cain at the mound. More

Matt Kemp’s April One of the Best Ever; Albert Pujols Goes Through His Worst

Posted on 1 May, 2012, by in MLB

Matt Kemp isn’t having the best April of all-time, despite what some people are saying without actually checking the stat sheets of anything that happened before 2012. Still, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Center Fielder has been having an incredible start on the right side of LA, while Albert Pujols is struggling in Anaheim and his first season in the AL. More

Pitchers Dominate Another Opening Day

Posted on 6 Apr, 2012, by in MLB

Another opening day for the 2012 MLB season, this time with an actual feel to it, with 7 games taking place instead of just one. The year of the pitcher? Seems like it again, with Justin Verlander and Roy Halladay looking as dominant as they were in 2011, leading their teams to their first wins. More

Jose Reyes & Miguel Cabrera Win NL & AL Batting Titles

Posted on 29 Sep, 2011, by in MLB

The AL Wild Card Race (eventually won by the Tampa Bay Rays) wasn’t the only thing decided on the final day of the 2011 MLB Season. The batting title in the NL went to Jose Reyes, the first Mets player in history to lead the league in batting average with a .337 to Ryan Braun’s .332. Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won the AL batting title with .344. More