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NFL Rumors – Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens & Pittsburgh Steelers Interested in Signing Mike Wallace

Posted on 13 Mar, 2016, by in NFL

While being released by the Minnesota Vikings sends out a signal of Mike Wallace no longer being worth the money he was supposed to be paid in 2016, he might still end up going back there or even the Pittsburgh Steelers who are in need of a wide receiver, while the Baltimore Ravens have also shown interest in him. More

NFL Teams Spending $100 Million on Free Agents Don’t Make the Playoffs

Posted on 29 May, 2013, by in Featured

If you’re thinking about doing some massive rebuilding to your team through free agency, don’t. Over the last six seasons, only one team, the Chicago Bears in the uncapped season of 2010, has spent over $100 million on unrestricted free agency signings, and managed to make the postseason. The Miami Dolphins have high expectations this season, but it won’t be surprising to see them miss on a playoff berth for a fifth consecutive time. More

2013 NFL Free Agency – Miami Dolphins Rule First Day

Posted on 13 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

Free agency isn’t only about getting the right players for the positions you need, but also about making a splash, and creating a buzz around the franchise for the upcoming season. No team did that better than the Miami Dolphins, by signing Mike Wallace from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dannell Ellerbe from the Ravens. More

NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Mike Wallace

Posted on 10 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

While some think that the New England Patriots are throwing the name of Mike Wallace around for reasons other than wanting to sign him, you can’t count out anything in the NFL free agency period, and there’s a change the Pittsburgh Steelers will lose their wide receiver in favor of a serious conference rival. More

NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Interested in Mike Wallace

Posted on 21 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

With a lot of room to make more than one big move through free agency, the Miami Dolphins have the luxury of targeting the more expensive names in free agency, with Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers probably being their number one target. More

NFL Rumors – Indianapolis Colts to Chase Plenty of Free Agents

Posted on 20 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

It’s hard to say exactly how much cap space the Indianapolis Colts are going to have once they re-sign their own players, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be lined up to making multiple big moves in free agency, with players like Paul Kruger, Jake Long, Sebastian Vollmer, Ed Reed and Mike Wallace on their sights. More