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10 Most Valuable Soccer Team in 2013

Posted on 13 Jun, 2013, by in Featured

Being among the most valuable soccer clubs in the world doesn’t necessarily means you don’t have financial problems or that you’re currently succeeding, but the five Premier League teams (Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United), two La Liga teams (Barcelona, Real Madrid), two Series A teams (Juventus, AC Milan) and one Bundesliga team (Bayern Munich) don’t have much to complain about. More

The Most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World

Posted on 19 Apr, 2012, by in Featured

Barcelona have been the most successful club in Europe and the world during the last few years, but financially they are still behind two other clubs, some would daresay bigger. Real Madrid, the most profitable club in the world during the course of last year, and Manchester United, the most valuable sport team in the world. More