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Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions

Which Team is Most Likely to Repeat as Champions – Astros, Eagles or Warriors?

Posted on 11 Sep, 2018, by in MLB, NBA, NFL

The defending NFL champions, Philadelphia Eagles, started things out the right way. The Golden State Warriors once again look like heavy favorites to repeat in the NBA. In Baseball, the Houston Astros are doing well, with 90 wins as we approach mid September. Will they all defend their titles? More

NFL Doesn’t Want Researched Digging Too Deep Into Football and Brain Damage Relationship

Posted on 23 Dec, 2015, by in NFL

A few years ago the NFL gave an unrestricted $30 million gift/donation to the NIH in order to fund research of the sport and its relation to brain damage, hoping to diagnose CTE in living patients. Turns out that unrestricted isn’t exactly what you thought it means. More

ESPN Bashing Both the New England Patriots & NFL for Once

Posted on 9 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

The conflict of interests has often made ESPN choose sides in the ongoing battle between the NFL and one of its teams, the New England Patriots, but its latest magazine article covering Spygate, Deflategate and everything in between, the biggest and most influential sports media outlet doesn’t pick a side. More

How did NFL Players React to Tom Brady Getting Suspended

Posted on 12 May, 2015, by in NFL

The word is out and everyone now knows the cost of being the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and probably knowing about deflating balls. Just like when anything big happens, the place to be in order to get a sample of how everyone is reacting was Twitter. More

NFL Greed Knows No Boundaries

Posted on 27 Jan, 2015, by in NFL

Two recent stories – one regarding the docked pay of Brent Grimes for going to visit his sick wife instead of practicing for the Pro Bowl and the other suggesting the NFL is trying to expand its playoff at the expense of college football tells us what we already know: Roger Goodell is running the most disgustingly greedy sports league in the world. More

Seattle Seahawks – Marshawn Lynch is Disrespectful and Slightly Ungrateful

Posted on 23 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

Everyone knows that Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks doesn’t like speaking to the media. His ‘Thanks for asking’ and ‘I appreciate it’ act of defiance wasn’t clever or funny. It was simply an example of someone who forgot there’s more to the NFL than just scoring touchdowns and actually playing More

Seattle Seahawks – Richard Sherman Makes Fun of the NFL

Posted on 26 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

There has never been a missed opportunity by Richard Sherman to speak his mind about anything. His latest rant, which comes in the form of a hilarious press conference, aided by Doug Baldwin? Pretty much against the NFL, hypocrisy, the fine Marshawn Lynch got and a few more things he got off his chest before leaving the podium, feeling quite pleased about himself. More

10 Biggest Stadiums in the NFL

Posted on 7 Oct, 2014, by in Featured, NFL

Of the 10 biggest stadiums in the NFL, there is only one that’s an outright domed stadium (Superdome in New Orleans). The biggest stadium on the list, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, home of the Dallas Cowboys, has a retractable roof. More

Bill Burr Jokes on Conan About Women Trying to Ruin the NFL

Posted on 2 Oct, 2014, by in NFL

Not everyone loves the humor Bill Burr uses to get a laugh, but it’s often hard to ignore him. He goes into overdrive during football season, and talked quite a lot about NFL subjects during his talk with Conan O’Brien on Conan, suggesting (humorously of course) that women are trying to destroy the NFL. More

Roger Goodell Doesn’t Deserve to ‘Get it Right’

Posted on 20 Sep, 2014, by in NFL

As expected, Roger Goodell didn’t step down. His press conference in regards to the complete and utter ineptitude of the NFL under his leadership over the last few weeks and way before that was about sidestepping questions, delivering his own message and solidifying his power as the dictator of the league, while promising to get it right. More