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Owners and Players Reach Tentative Deal to (Possibly) End NBA Lockout

Posted on 26 Nov, 2011, by in NBA

The NBA Lockout might be over. The owners and players reached a tentative deal on Friday after 15 hours of negotiating, with a 2011-2012 season starting on Christmas with a 66 game schedule planned for the teams. More

Occupy – NBA Lockout Edition

Posted on 9 Nov, 2011, by in NBA

The NBA Lockout has reached another crucial stage, as David Stern’s ultimatum has been met with another NO DEAL from the players, which makes the Wednesday, 5PM deadline a way-point with very grim possibilities, including cancelling the season. More

A History of Major Sports Leagues Lockouts and Strikes (Infographic)

Posted on 26 Oct, 2011, by in Featured

An Infographic describing the history of lockouts and strikes in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, clearly proving that history repeats itself and losing two weeks or a month of NBA regular season games isn’t the worst thing that can happen. More

The NBA Lockout Infographic

Posted on 21 Oct, 2011, by in Featured

An infographic showing how we got to the current NBA Lockout, ever since the latest deal between the players and owners was signed in 2005, through the direction David Stern took the league and how LeBron James and others took it somewhere else, he doesn’t like. More

NBA Lockout Still Nowhere Near Ending

Posted on 21 Oct, 2011, by in NBA

One more week, 30 hours of negotiations, this time with a federal mediator George Cohen, with and without sick David Stern, and still, the NBA players and owners seem hundreds of millions of dollars apart, and more of the season getting cancelled is now in jeopardy. More

First Two Weeks of 2011-2012 NBA Season Cancelled

Posted on 11 Oct, 2011, by in NBA

Another deadline not met, and here we are. One hundernd NBA games cancelled, no basketball of the first two “planned” NBA weeks, and David Stern saying there was a significant gulf on virtually all issues. More

Unless Some Miracle Happens, We’re Going to Have an NBA Lockout

Posted on 29 Jun, 2011, by in NBA

No agreement on the length of the new labor deal. No agreement on the revenue sharing. There are other things as well, but despite David Stern’s fake optimism, the NBA seems on the inevitable path towards a lockout. More