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Match Highlights – PSG vs Barcelona, Manchester City vs Roma

Posted on 30 Sep, 2014, by in Soccer

For the first time this season, Barcelona conceded and eventually lost, succumbing to a strong PSG performance and a 3-2 result. Manchester City remain win-less in the group stage so far this season, finishing their home match with Roma in a 1-1 draw. More

Where to Watch PSG vs Barcelona Live

Posted on 2 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s hard to find a match in which Barcelona aren’t at least slight favorites, but facing the richest football club in the world, Paris Saint-Germain, who are showing it’s possible to put a high quality side in a very short span of time to compete for even the most prestigious of titles, the Champions League, means they might need to adjust their expectations from the first leg. If you don’t know where to watch this exciting clash, we’re here to help. More

Champions League – PSG vs Barcelona Predictions

Posted on 2 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

A lot has changed since Paris Saint-Germain made it to a Champions League quarterfinal, but money has brought them back among the top clubs in European football, at least for this season, hoping to be the arrow that finally pierces the armor of Barcelona, who won back a lot of intimidation power with their second leg performance in the previous round. More

Champions League Quarterfinals Draw

Posted on 15 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

In a draw that began with two matches that seem to heavily favor the stronger teams and favorites to win the Champions League title ended with two mega clashes that were unavoidable. While Dortmund and Real Madrid will be heavy favorites in their ties with Malaga and Galatasaray (respectively), the matches between PSG & Barcelona and Bayern Munich & Juventus are a lot more open, and interesting. More

Lionel Messi and friends testing the New Mega Club (Barcelona vs PSG)

Posted on 5 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

While Barcelona aren’t at full capacity yet, with Tito Vilanova still trying and tweaking things in his lineup, PSG are up and running with their strongest possible starting XI. After making a few big changes and maybe still yet to come, with the ambitions they have, there’s no use in gradually trying to blend the new players. More