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Rafael Nadal – Bad News Just Keep Coming

Posted on 26 Feb, 2013, by in Tennis

After playing in two small tournaments to kick-start his 2013 comeback attempt, Rafael Nadal isn’t too far from step one, announcing he’ll not play in the Indian Wells and Miami Masters tournaments, as his knee problems keep bothering him and preventing him from playing the way he would like to. More

Rafael Nadal – An Elite Player Again or Not

Posted on 25 Dec, 2012, by in Tennis

The first thing Rafael Nadal probably wants to do after he plays his first tennis match since this last June is put his hands over his knees and see that everything is alright. Once that first match is out of the way, it’s on to conquering the top of the tennis world once again, step by step. Nadal is confident he has what it takes. More

Rafael Nadal – Getting Over Another Injury

Posted on 22 Dec, 2012, by in Tennis

It’s been six months since Rafael Nadal last played a tennis match, losing in the second round of the 2012 Wimbledon tournament. It’s been a long, doubtful road to recovery every since. He has got a match (exhibition) lined up for him next week, but it doesn’t mean he’s 100% certain he’s going to be fine. More

Rafael Nadal – Hoping For Australian Open Return

Posted on 2 Oct, 2012, by in Tennis

If anyone was hoping to see Rafael Nadal back on the courts before the end of 2012, you’ll be disappointed. The good news, sort of, for any Nadal fan and generally tennis lovers, is that the Spaniard is setting his sights on the 2013 Australian Open as his big comeback on the ATP Tour. More

Rafael Nadal Injuries – A Huge Blow to the World of Tennis

Posted on 16 Aug, 2012, by in Tennis

Instead of taking advantage of Novak Djokovic’s return to humanity from his superhuman 2011 season, Rafael Nadal keeps missing tournaments since losing early on at Wimbledon. First the Olympics, then the Canadian and Cincinnati Masters, and now finally the US Open. More

Rafael Nadal Keeps Dropping Out of Tournaments

Posted on 10 Aug, 2012, by in Tennis

Now this is getting worrying. After losing to Lukas Rosol in the second round of the Wimbledon tournament, Nadal announced he won’t be playing in the Olympic games, in order to rest and take care of his bad knees. Then came the announcement of dropping out from the Canada Masters, and now comes the announcement of dropping out from Cincinnati. How bad is it, really? More