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Yankees Beat Red Sox – Everybody Gets to Hit & Run

Posted on 13 Apr, 2015, by in MLB

Avoiding getting swept by the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees ended the series with a 14-4 win that included every single lineup player getting a hit and scoring a run, including home runs for Chase Headley and Brian McCann. More

Yankees Over Red Sox – Barely Alive in the Playoff Race

Posted on 5 Sep, 2014, by in MLB

The chase for a postseason spot by the New York Yankees continues, coming off their series against the Boston Red Sox with two consecutive wins, including a 5-4 victory to clinch it thanks to two ninth-inning home runs from Mark Teixeira and Chase Headley, countering the big hitting of David Ortiz earlier in the game. More

Yankees Over Red Sox – A Glimmer of Playoff Hope Remains

Posted on 4 Sep, 2014, by in MLB

Despite a solid win to open the series against their big rivals, the Boston Red Sox showed once again why they’re so bad this season, as the inconsistency in their starting pitching and hitting returned. The New York Yankees picked up a 5-1 win behind a home run and big hitting from Brian McCann, hoping that it’s once again the right step in the direction of somehow making the playoffs. More

Red Sox Over Yankees – Playoff Dream Slipping Away

Posted on 3 Sep, 2014, by in MLB

Just when the New York Yankees seemed to be on the right track of making up ground in the race for the playoffs, the Boston Red Sox come into Yankee stadium and win 9-4 thanks to some big home runs from Xander Bogaerts and Daniel Nava. More

Yankees Over Red Sox – Some Simply Win, Others Whine About Replays

Posted on 14 Apr, 2014, by in MLB

It isn’t a real New York Yankees – Boston Red Sox series without a little bit of controversy, as instant replays and reviews took center stage in the fourth game as well. Once again, the Yankees got the benefit of the doubt and eventually won 3-2 after a big hitting day from Carlos Beltran. More

Yankees Over Red Sox – Home Runs Have Nothing to do With Replays

Posted on 13 Apr, 2014, by in MLB

Despite the replay malfunction that the Boston Red Sox preferred to talk about after losing 7-4 to the New York Yankees, the deciding factor in the game was some awful pitching from John Lackey, helping Brian McCann, Alfonso Soriano, Kelly Johnson and Carlos Beltran practice on their home run hitting skills. More

Ichiro Suzuki With His First Big Game (Red Sox vs Yankees)

Posted on 20 Aug, 2012, by in MLB

Not that he hasn’t had big games in the past, but for Ichiro Suzuki to hit his first multiple home run game, as a New York Yankee, against the Boston Red Sox, is completely different than anything else he’s done in the past with the Seattle Mariners. Like it or not, it simply means more on a national level. More