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Spurs Beat Rockets – Turning Into the Best at the Right Time

Posted on 9 Apr, 2015, by in NBA

The San Antonio Spurs keep on winning, making it nine in a row, beating the Houston Rockets 110-98, to make things even more complicated and close in the Western conference, while proving once again that despite their low seed and “disappointing” overall record, they just might be the best team in the NBA right now. More

Houston Rockets – James Harden Sometimes Does More Bad Than Good

Posted on 29 Dec, 2014, by in NBA

The San Antonio Spurs, amid the injuries and all the losses, found a way to end their losing streak against the Houston Rockets with an emotional and much needed 110-106 win. Their opponents got the normal output from James Harden and Dwight Howard, but maybe moving Josh Smith into the lineup wasn’t such a good idea. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin as he Should be While James Harden Rules Late

Posted on 26 Dec, 2013, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets played like a team that can win an NBA title as they won on the road against the San Antonio Spurs for a second time in a row. James Harden put on a show late, Chandler Parsons was great early on, but it was also quite pleasing to see Jeremy Lin, for most of the game, playing like an actual point guard and getting the kind of minutes he should be. More

NBA on Christmas – Rockets vs Spurs Predictions

Posted on 25 Dec, 2013, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets and especially James Harden were a huge problem for the San Antonio Spurs last time these two teams met, but there’s a good chance he won’t be playing, which means there will be a lot more pressure on Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard to avoid the beginning of a losing streak. More