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NFL Rumors: Carolina Panthers Feel Mistreated by the League

Posted on 17 Sep, 2016, by in NFL

Did the NFL disrespect the Carolina Panthers with its scheduling for the 2016 NFL season? Ron Rivera, the head coach of the defending NFC champions, certainly thinks they deserved better from the league, whether it’s the already bygone opening week, or other problems further down the road, which have to do with little rest and logistical issues. More

Super Bowl 50 Game Storylines Worth Paying Attention to

Posted on 7 Feb, 2016, by in NFL

You can’t write enough about a Super Bowl with so many things happening around the game, before it and during it. But the storylines to look closely at as they develop in Super Bowl 50 will be the Last Rodeo for Peyton Manning, Cam Newton trying to show how special he is, the Carolina Panthers defense dealing with an old man and the two coaches, Ron Rivera and Gary Kubiak of the Denver Broncos, who no one believed would be in this position has they been asked two or three years ago. More

Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton Great For a Night

Posted on 27 Nov, 2012, by in NFL

The second seasons of Cam Newton in the NFL hasn’t gone according to plan, but there have been shining moments here and there. In the midst of a depressing season, one of the more exciting quarterback prospects in recent years finally had the kind of game people excepted to see much more of from him this season. More

Carolina Panthers – Blinded by the Cam Newton Lights

Posted on 23 Oct, 2012, by in NFL

If it’s possible to sum up the story of the Carolina Panthers in a quick short sentence, it’ll probably have to do with the orginization putting too much faith on their quarterback, Cam Newton, disregarding all the other issues needed to be addressed in almost every position. More