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Seahawks vs 49ers – Some Things Don’t Change

Posted on 23 Oct, 2015, by in NFL

The Seattle Seahawks might be having a rough season, but it’s good that the San Francisco 49ers, now back at the bottom of the NFC West, are there to lend a helping hand, simply rolling out the red carpet and losing at home 20-3 to the Seahawks. More

Seahawks vs 49ers – Hate is all They Have Left

Posted on 21 Oct, 2015, by in NFL

For a couple of years this was the best rivalry in the NFL. Now? The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks still hate each other, that isn’t going to change. But there’s a lot less at stake, with hardly anyone talking trash, unlike previous years and encounters. More

Seahawks vs 49ers – Pete Carroll Actually Compliments Jim Harbaugh

Posted on 11 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

Fans often want blood and hate spewing between two rivals. Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks didn’t deliver when speaking about Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers, maybe knowing that they no longer pose a threat. More

Seattle Seahawks – Nothing Beats Humiliating Your Rivals

Posted on 28 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

Two teams that were built for each other clashed and only one was left standing after the dust blew away. The Seattle Seahawks crushed the San Francisco 49ers 19-3 with excellent defense and an efficient offense game from Russell Wilson, while Colin Kaepernick had one of the worst performances in his career, and he probably wasn’t even the worst one on his team. More

NFL on Thanksgiving – Seahawks vs 49ers Predictions

Posted on 27 Nov, 2014, by in NFL

The two teams that hate each other the most without having a historic rivalry meet up in the feature game of the NFL on Thanksgiving, as the first encounter between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers takes place, with the NFC West and even making the playoffs being on the line. More

San Francisco 49ers – The NFC West Isn’t Over Yet

Posted on 9 Dec, 2013, by in NFL

Barely scraping a 19-17 win at home against the Seattle Seahawks probably won’t be enough for the San Francisco 49ers to win the division, but it certainly keeps them in prime position to win one of the wild card playoff spots, avoiding a loss that would have made things very complicated. More

2013 NFL Season – Week 2 Predictions

Posted on 15 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

Week 2 of the 2013 NFL season puts the NFL champions, desperately looking for a win, at home against the lowly Cleveland Browns, while most of the attention goes to the NFC West showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers and the battle of the Manning brothers as the New York Giants host the Denver Broncos. More