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NFL Rumors – St. Louis Rams Not Moving to Los Angeles Might be Very Costly For Taxpayers

Posted on 8 Oct, 2015, by in NFL

In the ongoing battle between the St. Louis Rams and their owner, Stan Kroenke, and the city he’s trying to move the team away from in favor of Los Angeles, comes the eye popping number of $215 million from taxpayer money that might help him get what he wants. More

Arsenal FC – Arsene Wenger Can’t Leave as a Failure

Posted on 1 May, 2013, by in Soccer

Each season has its own goals an ambitions, and Arsenal, as strange as that sounds, have been lowering their standards with every passing year. Arsene Wenger is a big part of that “tradition”, as the club becomes more and more about ending the season with an impressive profit line, instead of trying to compete for titles or the best players available on the market. If Santi Cazorla is the best this club can find, it means someone is doing something wrong. More

The Most Expensive Team Purchases in History

Posted on 1 Apr, 2012, by in Featured

Magic Johnson is no longer the most recogniazable Laker on the planet. Kobe Bryant is, so Magic felt he needs to expand into other sports, heading a group, mostly by name and face probably, taking the Los Angeles Dodgers out of the hands of Frank McCourt, for $2 Billion. More

Top Ten Richest Owners in British Soccer

Posted on 6 Oct, 2010, by in Soccer

Money, Money, Money. These blokes have tons of it. Here are the 10 richest owners or shareholders in British soccer. More