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Houston Rockets – Terrence Jones is Next in the Helping James Harden Line

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets beat the Brooklyn Nets 102-98 to make it four in a row, but James Harden is hitting a rough patch in the season, possibly due to fatigue. Luckily for him, there’s someone else stepping up to make things easier for him in each game. More

Houston Rockets – James Harden Doesn’t Need Dwight Howard in the Preseason

Posted on 10 Oct, 2014, by in NBA

Sometimes it feels as if James Harden would be even better if there was no one he actually needed to share the ball with. Without Dwight Howard, he led the Houston Rockets to a 113-93 win over the Memphis Grizzlies in the preseason, having no problem standing out and separating himself from the rest of performers on the court. More

Houston Rockets – Dwight Howard Matters More Than Jeremy Lin & James Harden This Time

Posted on 15 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

Even though we love to focus on the “power struggles” between James Harden hero ball and Jeremy Lin-style basketball, the 104-98 win for the Houston Rockets over the San Antonio Spurs was mostly about Dwight Howard and the front court dominating to complete a four-game sweep in the regular season over the team with the best record in the N More

Houston Rockets – James Harden on Fire, Jeremy Lin a Little Less

Posted on 9 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

There was never going to be a lot of defense as the Houston Rockets clashed with the Los Angeles Lakers, and no surprises whatsoever happened with the Rockets winning 145-130 with an excellent performance from both James Harden and Terrence Jones while Jeremy Lin was a bit more in the background, not taking advantage of not getting enough of a chance to put up the big numbers almost everyone seemed to do against the Lakers. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin & James Harden Not the Story This Time

Posted on 28 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets are going through very good stretch at the moment thanks to a soft schedule. James Harden is playing some very good individual basketball, notching a career triple double, while Jeremy Lin got some extended minutes thanks to Patrick Beverley going down. But the story this time was something else, as their 120-98 win over the Philadelphia 76ers meant an NBA record of consecutive losses was tied, and will probably be broken over the weekend. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin Showing to James Harden What Basketball is About

Posted on 18 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

It’s hard to find a single thing to complain about in such a blowout win for the Houston Rockets. James Harden didn’t have to do too much while Terrence Jones stood out above the rest in a fantastic game, while the best minutes came when Jeremy Lin was on the court. More

Houston Rockets – James Harden Dominates While Jeremy Lin Fades Away

Posted on 2 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets continue to win rather easily, this time getting big nights from James Harden and Terrence Jones while beating the Detroit Pistons, and Jeremy Lin continues to be marginalized and reduced into insignificance, which for now doesn’t seem to be harming the team too much. More

Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin & The Rest Enjoy James Harden Not Playing

Posted on 29 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets shouldn’t be better without James Harden, but his injury was a welcome change for a team that’s been stuck lately due to several factors. Jeremy Lin got the chance to start instead and play the way he is supposed to be. He didn’t have the best of performances, but the direction and style were perfect for the team, enabling Dwight Howard to have another big night and a third win this season over the San Antonio Spurs. More

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Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lin Set Up to Fail While Terrence Jones Explodes

Posted on 19 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

For those who read just the box scores without watching games, this was another bad game from Jeremy Lin, while mostly Terrence Jones and a bit more of Dwight Howard and James Harden led the Houston Rockets to a 114-104 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. The truth is a bit more complicated. More

James Harden

Houston Rockets – James Harden Can Do Things Jeremy Lin Can’t

Posted on 16 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

When it does work for James Harden; that tendency to eliminate the options of passing to teammates, it makes him look like one of the best players in the NBA, even though that the team players its best basketball when Jeremy Lin is the one handling the ball and playing as the actual point guard. More