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FC Barcelona – Cesc Fabregas is Never Going to Be Lionel Messi

Posted on 20 May, 2013, by in Soccer

No matter how many times Barcelona use Cesc Fabregas in the false 9 position, there’s just too much of a gap between him and Lionel Messi. It didn’t prevent Barca from winning and staying on course for the 100 league points that would make for a club record, but the ongoing presence of Andres Iniesta and Xavi keeps pushing Fabregas away from where he feels most comfortable on the pitch. More

FC Barcelona – Lionel Messi Shouldn’t be This Important

Posted on 28 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

It shouldn’t be this way, not for a huge club like Barcelona. Things shouldn’t hinge on the amount of minutes one player, as talented as he may be, plays each time. And yet once more Lionel Messi came on for a cameo appearance to save his team from defeat with one wonder goal and another assist, although eventually it wasn’t enough for more than a meaningless draw. More

FC Barcelona – Cesc Fabregas Still Hasn’t Truly Arrived

Posted on 17 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

Despite being a product of La Masia, it seems Cesc Fabregas hasn’t really found himself since arriving, or returning to football club Barcelona, being too much of an Arsenal man in the way he plays to perfectly fit the tactical needs his current club requires of him, raising the question, more than once, of if signing him at all costs while having a possibly more suitable player, like Thiago, growing from within, was the wisest choice to make. More

FC Barcelona – Cesc Fabregas & Xavi Oversee the Substitutes

Posted on 15 Apr, 2013, by in Soccer

Garbage time for Barcelona doesn’t mean they’re planning on dropping points. Cesc Fabregas was back in the role of Lionel Messi while the real deal wasn’t even in the squad, while the ones who truly enjoyed a run in the lineup were Cristian Tello who finished with two goals and plenty of others, who’ll see quite a lot of La Liga action till the end of the season. More

FC Barcelona – Lionel Messi Needed More Than One Goal

Posted on 17 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

Sometimes, one goal isn’t enough from Lionel Messi, especially when the Barcelona machine has a few troubles getting its game going. More

FC Barcelona – A Chance For David Villa & Alexis Sanchez

Posted on 11 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

In a world and team where standing too close to Lionel Messi for too long might hurt your perceived ability, Alexis Sanchez and David Villa are thankful for any chance to score for Barcelona. More

FC Barcelona – Lionel Messi Has Seen Better Days

Posted on 23 Sep, 2012, by in Soccer

Another less than impressive display for Barcelona at the Camp Nou, frustrated by Granada for 87 minutes before Xavi scored the goal that gave them another three points, with Lionel Messi and David Villa grabbing most of the attention in a dull football match, getting into a heated exchange during the first half. More