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LeBron James Hasn’t Stopped Winning Since Draymond Green Called Him a Bitch

Posted on 26 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

Once upon a time, Draymond Green tried to hit LeBron James in the groin. He called James a bitch. Some in the media called James a bitch. The Warriors players defended one of their own and tried to challenge James’ toughness. Skip Bayless, who isn’t a dumb guy, but he stirs up drama for a living, called James a bitch on Twitter. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Trying to Figure Out What LeBron James Wants

Posted on 22 Mar, 2016, by in NBA

It’s always interesting how sports media works. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat up the Denver Nuggets and LeBron James had a triple double, but the most important thing seems to be yet another one of his weird social media moves, like unfollowing the team on Twitter. More

How did NFL Players React to Tom Brady Getting Suspended

Posted on 12 May, 2015, by in NFL

The word is out and everyone now knows the cost of being the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and probably knowing about deflating balls. Just like when anything big happens, the place to be in order to get a sample of how everyone is reacting was Twitter. More

Was it Darrelle Revis or a Hacker?

Posted on 13 Apr, 2015, by in NFL

No NFL means time for stupid things to make headlines, besides draft rumors and fringe free agents. Darrelle Revis fighting with New England Patriots fans on Instagram? Revis later saying it was a hacker? Fits the bill. More

Los Angeles Clippers – Matt Barnes Now Hates Robert Sarver

Posted on 28 Jan, 2015, by in NBA

The fan Matt Barnes was cursing in the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns? According to Barnes, it’s non other than Suns owner Robert Sarver, which shed a different light on the fine he got and the way the NBA approached this. More

Liverpool FC Twitter Decision Only Helps Antisemitism & Israel Haters

Posted on 26 Sep, 2014, by in Miscellaneous, Soccer

The Liverpool Football Club decided to wish its Jewish supporters around the world a happy new year’s (Rosh Hashana) on Twitter but because of the hate spewing, anti-Jewisn and anti-Israeli replies, the club decided to take the post down. By doing so, it only strengthened the voice and cause of antisemitic people, guided by blind hate and villainous propaganda. More

Paul George is Now Both Injured and Stupid

Posted on 11 Sep, 2014, by in NBA

Some people just don’t know when it’s time for them to shut up. Paul George is out for the season, so maybe the boredom from his injury made him feel like he should share with us his opinions on the Ray Rice and case and domestic abuse in general. Obviously, he used twitter, and turned himself into a laughing stock. More

Negative Reactions to Michael Sam Announcing He’s Gay

Posted on 11 Feb, 2014, by in NFL

Most of the reactions to the revelation of Michael Sam coming out as being gay, which means he might become the first out-in-the-open homosexual player in the NFL right from the get go and not someone who waits till his career is over, were positive and supportive. However, while there was no one making an outright negative comment about it, not everyone seems 100% sure this is something they’d like to see. More

Don’t Feel Sorry For Kobe Bryant & The Los Angeles Lakers

Posted on 23 Oct, 2013, by in NBA

In a tweet that’s created quite a lot of attention, Tracy McGrady mentioned he feels sorry for Kobe Bryant and the team he has around him playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. If there’s one franchise and one player that don’t need pity from anyone, it’s probably the Lakers – Bryant combination. More

Los Angeles Lakers & Liverpool FC Piss Off People on 9/11

Posted on 12 Sep, 2013, by in Miscellaneous, NBA, Soccer

It’s hard to decide whether or not both Liverpool and the Los Angeles Lakers were trying to intentionally strengthen their brand at the expense of the commemoration of the September 11 attacks or simply made an honest mistake on their twitter page. More