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25 Best Memes of Michigan, Clemson & Washington Getting Upset

Posted on 13 Nov, 2016, by in College Football

There’s nothing like a week of complete chaos in college football which shreds the rankings and changes everything. Meme makers celebrated the first one we had all season, which includes the number 2, 3 and 4 teams in the nation; Michigan, Clemson and Washington, all losing for the first time. More

College Football Playoff: Alabama, Clemson, Michigan & Washington in the Driver’s Seat

Posted on 31 Oct, 2016, by in College Football

The College Football Playoff Committee will soon release their first rankings for the 2016 season. Unless they’ve been watching a completely different season, it’ll be Alabama, Michigan, Clemson and Washington, probably in that order as well, that are in the playoff spots. More

College Football: When Will the Undefeated Teams Lose

Posted on 10 Oct, 2016, by in College Football

There are 11 undefeated teams in college football as we head into week 7. Trying to figure out when each of them (if at all) will lose for the first time suggests that Alabama, Clemson and Washington look very likely to run the table in their conference, while both Michigan and Ohio State can go into their rivalry game undefeated to close out the regular season. More

Best Memes of Stanford Destroyed by Washington

Posted on 1 Oct, 2016, by in College Football

When a team as hyped up like Stanford gets destroyed by Washington, a team they rarely lose to, you know the memes, whether it’s Crying Jordan or burning/chopped down trees, are going to pop up, and plenty of them. More

Pac-12: Washington For Real This Time, Stanford Overrated?

Posted on 1 Oct, 2016, by in College Football

With a 44-6 drubbing of number 7 Stanford, Washington (number 10 before the game) move their undefeated run to open the season past week 5, looking like a legitimate college football playoff contender, something that has seemed improbable for such a long time. More

USC Trojans – Steve Sarkisian Needs to Worry, Washington Have a Great Defense

Posted on 9 Oct, 2015, by in College Football

More than anything, USC losing to Washington 17-12 at home despite being double-digit favorites before the game makes it quite clear that Steve Sarkisian is now coaching for his job, as the Huskies defense pulled quite a number on him and Cody Kessler, combined with some inspiring creativity to take the lead in the third quarter. More

NFL Rumors – Carolina Panthers & New York Giants Interested in Drafting Shaq Thompson

Posted on 27 Apr, 2015, by in NFL

While not projected to be a high draft pick, Shaq Thompson out of Washington is one of the more versatile and intriguing prospects heading into the NFL, most likely ending up playing for the Carolina Panthers or the New York Giants. More

Oregon Ducks – One Sided Rivalries Are the Best Kind

Posted on 19 Oct, 2014, by in NFL

Over a decade of dominance and it’s still going. Oregon beat Washington 45-20 with a great offensive performance by Marcus Mariota and Royce Freeman, extending their winning streak over the Huskies to 11 games. More

NFL Rumors – Tennessee Titans Will Use Bishop Sankey a Lot

Posted on 14 May, 2014, by in NFL

One big name and highly used running back is gone, so the Tennessee Titans need to find ways and fill that hole. Bishop Sankey coming out of Washington was the first running back taken in the 2014 NFL draft, and will be carrying plenty of expectations going into his rookie season, and hopefully also plenty of the ball as well. More

Washington Beats BYU – Bishop Sankey Shows Cougars How to Run

Posted on 28 Dec, 2013, by in NFL

No surprises going into the game, which was always going to be about running the ball. Bishop Sankey for Washington on one side, Taysom Hill for BYU on the other side. The Cougars quarterback actually picked up more yards than the Huskies star, but it was the Pac-12 team that put on a better defensive performance to claim the 31-16 win in the Fight Hunger Bowl. More