One of the popular nicknames for collegiate athletic teams have something to do with dogs, especially bulldogs and huskies. In the FBS, there are 12 of them, including 4 bulldog teams, 3 huskies teams (one of them uses an Alaskan Malamute), one team with a tamaskan, one with a rough collie, one with a bluetick coonhound, one with a yellow lab and another with a golden retriever.

In all of college football, there are 32 teams who use live dog mascots, including some teams with more than one. Quite a few teams don’t have a dog nickname, yet still want a dog patrolling the sidelines, just for the sake of tradition, even if the tradition in some cases isn’t very ancient.

Connecticut Huskies – Jonathan XIV (Siberian Husky)

Jonathan XIV

Fresno State Bulldogs – Victor E. Bulldog (English Bulldog)

Victor E. Bulldog

Georgia Bulldogs – Uga X (English Bulldog)

Uga X

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs – Tech XXI (English Bulldog, Retired)

Tech XXI

Michigan State Spartans – Zeke IV (Yellow Labrador)

Zeke IV

Mississippi State Bulldogs – Bully XXI (English Bulldog)

Bully XXI

North Carolina State Wolfpack – Tuffy II (Tamaskan)

Tuffy II

Northern Illinois Huskies – Mission (Siberian Husky)


Tennessee Volunteers – Smokey X (Bluetick Coonhound)

Smokey X

Texas A&M Aggies – Reveille IX (Rough Collie)

Reveille IX

Tulsa Golden Hurricane – Goldie (Golden Retriever)


Washington Huskies – Dubs (Alaskan Malamute)


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