10 Best Memes of the Spurs Beating the Warriors & the Thunder Missing James Harden

Harden MVP meme

Last night’s results around the NBA made two things very clear, with memes to show for it: The Oklahoma City Thunder still miss James Harden, while the San Antonio Spurs aren’t exactly afraid of the Golden State Warriors.

Beating the Warriors by 15 points and keeping an 18-year streak of beating them whenever they visit San Antonio helps a lot. Playing like the best team in the NBA since March isn’t too bad either.

And in Oklahoma City, the Thunder lost again, which puts their chances of making the playoffs at great risk. Russell Westbrook was in all-out mode once again, but he harms his teams just as much as he helps it.

On the other side of the floor, James Harden was cementing his MVP award with 41 points and a terrific performance in the clutch, and making those who love to dig into old wounds start talking about the trade that sent him to Houston once agani.

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