13 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Not Choking Against the Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Dynasty RIP

According to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys were supposed to choke in their second clash of the season. Turns out it was the other way around, and the memes, as always after a big Cowboys game, were wild, wide and varied.

The Cowboys won 29-23 in overtime after dropping the lead three times during the game, as field goal misses, Dak Prescott turnovers and a late Eagles surge almost ended their winning streak. But in overtime, Amari Cooper (terrific some joining from the Oakland Raiders) caught a deflected pass and ran it into the end zone for his third touchdown of the game 6th since joining the Cowboys, also adding 217 yards.

With this, the Cowboys sweep the Eagles for the first time since 2012, winning their 5th in a row and the division title very well within their reach. Three games remain, including two on the road at Indy and the Giants, but considering how inconsistent the Eagles are, how bad the Redskins are (makes sense due to their QB situation) and how late the Giants are to the race, it’d be a huge surprise to see the Cowboys letting this one slip away from them.

The Eagles? Maybe Carson Wentz got back too soon – their problems go beyond the usual reference of injured secondary players. They won’t be the first Super Bowl champions to miss the playoffs a year later, but they might be one of the more surprising Super Bowl bad hangover teams of recent years.

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