14 Best Memes of the New York Jets Losing to the New England Patriots

New York Jets Meme

For the third straight game, Tom Brady played like the quarterback we usually know him of. He might need to work on his flopping a little, but it was enough to help the New England Patriots claim another win over the New York Jets, one of the easiest teams to make fun of and create memes about.

The Patriots walked away with the 27-25 win thanks to a blocked filed goal on the final play of the game, although it was a 58-yard attempt, which didn’t have much of a chance of going in. Still, Chris Jones blocked the Nick Folk kick and gave the Patriots a third straight victory.

Even in another good game, Tom Brady had do something to make everyone angry with him. He got bumped by a New York Jets player while coming off the sidelines and decided that the best thing to do will be to flop in order to get a penalty.

Brady might have an image that makes him loved by officials and especially announcers and others mainstream media analysts who cover the NFL, but this isn’t the first time he’s been caught cheating when trying to get a minor advantage through it. It’s twice as bad when doing it against such a bad team like the Jets.

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