15 Best Memes of David Moyes Fired From Manchester United

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One of the constants this season was Manchester United and David Moyes messing up in big matches, followed by hilarious memes and jokes at his expense. Now he’s fired, which means Ryan Giggs will be the interim manager, giving him the option to play himself if necessary, and bringing in a new angle of humor about his own personal ethics while beginning to wonder what the fired one will do now that he’s unemployed.

The colossal failure of this season wasn’t something most expected. Those who tried saying that Moyes isn’t a good fit were hushed quite quickly. Eventually, it didn’t work, be it because of Moyes, the players, the lack of support from inside the club, and the players not helping as well.

The Daily Mail came out with a series of claims that might or might not be true about what went on behind the scenes: Senior players mocking Moyes in his face, lack of discipline at the club, players joking and betting about when he’ll be fired behind his back, and a mole leaking stories to the press.

Rio Ferdinand has been a target of these accusations, but one might consider Ryan Giggs at the top of that list. Someone who has done some pretty bad stuff in his personal life wouldn’t blink before ruining things for Moyes if it means having his way. It is rumored that Giggs has been on a collision course with the manager for a long time. The result? Whether or not he was involved, is Moyes fired, and Ferguson’s class of 1992 getting a firmer grip of the club.

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