2012 NHL Playoffs About Teams Breaking Long Stanley Cup Droughts

The 2012 NHL playoffs, currently in the conference semifinals stage of things, has 8 teams that have gone quite a long time since their last title. For five of them it’s about winning their first ever Stanley Cup (Predators, Coyotes, Capitals, Blues, Kings) while the other three teams have been going through a long stretch of title droughts, some (Flyers) longer than others (Devils).

New Jersey Devils

Last Stanley Cup – In 2003, beating the Anaheim Ducks 4-3 to capture the franchise’s third Stanley Cup title. Patrick Elias and Martin Brodeur are still on the team.

Since Then – Six playoff appearances, never making it past the conference Semi Final.

This Season – Finished 48-28-6, beating the Panthers in the conference quarterfinals.

Nashville Predators

Never won the Stanley Cup.

Since Inagural Season – The Predators joined the NHL in 1998. They have made the playoffs 7 times in the last (played) 8 season, making it into the Semi Final for a second straight season.

This Season – Finished 46-28-8 and beat the Detroit Red Wings in the conference quarterfinals.

New York Rangers

Last Stanley Cup – In 1994, beating the Vancouver Canucks 4-3, winning the franchise’s fourth trophy and first in 54 years.

Since Then – Made the playoffs nine times. Their best effort was reaching the conference finals in 1997, losing to the Philadelphia Flyers.

This Season – Won their division for the first time since 1994 with a 51-24-7 record, beating the Ottawa Senators in the quarterfinals.

Phoenix Coyotes

Never won the Stanley Cup.

Since Inaugural Season – The Coyotes were actually the Winnipeg Jets between 1979 and 1996. Since moving to Arizona, the franchise has made the playoffs 8 times, this season breaking the quarterfinal glass ceiling for the first time.

This Season – Clinched their first ever division title, going 42-27-13 in the Pacific division. Beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the quarterfinals.

Philadelphia Flyers

Last Stanley Cup – In 1975, one of the Flyers’ two consecutive titles.

Since Then – The Flyers have reached the Cup finals seven more times since their last title, losing every time. Most recently in 2010, going down 4-2 against the Chicago Blackhawks.

This Season – Finished 47-26-9, beating the Pittsburgh Penguins in the quarterfinals.

Washington Captials

Never won the Stanley Cup.

Since 1974 – They’ve made it into the postseason 23 times, reaching the Stanley Cup Finals once, in 1998, getting swept by the Detroit Red Wings.

This Season – Finished 42-32-8, beating the Boston Bruins in the conference quarterfinals.

Los Angeles Kings

Never won the Stanley Cup.

Since 1967 – They’ve made the Cup Finals only once, in 1993, losing to the Montreal Canadiens 4-1.

This Season – Finished 40-27-15, beating the Vancouver Canucks in the quarterfinals.

St. Louis Blues

Never won the Stanley Cup.

Since 1967 – The Blues enjoyed the weird rules of the post-expansion NHL during the franchise’s first three years, losing in the Cup finals three consecutive times – Twice against the Canadiens, once against the Bruins.

This Season – Finished 49-22-11, beating the San Jose Sharks in the quarterfinals.

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