2015 NFL Season – Six Undefeated Teams Left After Week 4

Denver Broncos

Following almost all of the results in week 4, we still have six undefeated teams in the 2015 NFL season: The Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals. The Arizona Cardinals suffered their first defeat of the season this week, losing to the St. Louis Rams.

Of the six, the Patriots are the only team at “only” 3-0, but they’ve been the most impressive team so far this season, winning by 16.3 points per game and looking ready to repeat their Super Bowl triumph from eight months ago, possibly motivated by once again having fingers pointed at them for somehow cheating to obtain success and glory.

The Packers picked up their fourth win of the season by going to San Francisco (or Santa Clara to be exact), winning the battle of fans in the stands and destroying the pathetic 49ers on the field, beating them 17-3 as the absence of Jordy Nelson isn’t affecting the team as expected, while getting a little bit of revenge against a team and quarterback they’ve struggled against in recent years.

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The Falcons might just be the most fun to watch offensive team in the league right now. They picked on the Houston Texans with a 48-21 win. This time it didn’t come with some juggernaut numbers by Julio Jones. Devonta Freeman rushed for three touchdowns for the second straight week, adding another dimension to the second best scoring offense in the league so far.

The Panthers aren’t as impressive when it comes to offensive smoothness or margin of victory on most afternoons, but it wasn’t much of a contest as they beat up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and mostly took advantage of Jameis Winston throwing four interceptions as his rookie struggles continue, especially when playing at home against aggressive defenses.

Another team that’s not looking so impressive, at least on the offensive side, are the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning threw a couple of interceptions (five already this season, 80.8 passer rating) and the defense kept them in the game, beating the Minnesota Vikings 23-20 on a late McManus field goal.

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The Bengals look great once again, with the most surprising aspect being Andy Dalton. A quarterback everyone loves to pick on has just one interceptions this season compared to nine touchdowns and a 123.0 passer rating. He has incredible help from his running backs, Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill, as the Bengals remain the class of the AFC North. They beat the Kansas City Chiefs 36-21 on this occasion.

The Cardinals didn’t look too bad against the Rams, but still lost 24-22, unable to slow down Todd Gurley and losing in the quarterback battle as Nick Foles made more big plays than Carson Palmer in his worst performance this season.

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