2016 Olympics: Day 12 Medal Table, Brianna Rollins & Tianna Bartoletta Light Up the Track

USA Gold-Silver-Bronze

The Summer Olympics are getting closer and closer towards the crescendo, as the United State continues to dominate the medal table with two more gold medals, both on the track, coming from Brianna Rollins & Tianna Bartoletta. Japan won three gold medals on the day, moving them up to xith on the medal table, all coming in the Wrestling competitions.

Rollins won the 100 meters hurdles with a time of 12.48. What was unique about this race was that the three women finishing in the top 3 places were all from the United States: Nia Ali took silver (12.59) and Kristi Caslin too bronze, running as 12.61. The United States has swept the men’s 110 metres hurdles six times, this was the first time for women and the first time the women’s event has been swept by any country.

Tianna Bartoletta

Bartoletta won the women’s long jump competition with a personal best of 7.17. Here as well she wasn’t the only American on the podium, beating Brittney Reese, finishing with 7.15 to pick up silver. This is a second Olympic gold medal for Bartoletta, winning it in the 4×100 meters relay in London.

The women’s 200 meters was won by the same person winning the 100 meters: Elaine Thompson of Jamaica, running a 21.78, her best this season. She finished ahead of the Netherlands Dafne Schippers with 21.88, while the USA took bronze thanks to Tori Bowie, running a 22.15. Thompson is the first woman to win the 100-200 double at the Olympics since Florence Griffith Joyner in 1988.

Elaine Thompson

The other track medal of the day was in the men’s 3000 meters steeplechase, won by a Kenyan (who else), their 4th gold medal of the Olympics and 8th overall. Conseslus Kipruto set an Olympic record with 8:03.28, a wonderful time for the 21-year old. The USA took silver through Evan Jager, finishing one second behind. France took bronze.

In a stunning turn of events, the German doube Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst beat the Brazilian duo in the final of the women’s beach volleyball tournament, making it the first time a duo from a European nation wins the gold medal in the women’s tournament, and the first time since 2000 that the Americans don’t win.

Japan won all three wrestling competitions of the day, all women. China tied Great Britain for 19 gold medals with a Table Tennis gold and one in Taekwondo.

Medal Table

1 United States (USA)30323193
2 Great Britain (GBR)19191149
3 China (CHN)19152054
4 Russia (RUS)12141440
5 Germany (GER)128929
6 Japan (JPN)1051833
7 France (FRA)8111029
8 Italy (ITA)89623
9 Netherlands (NED)84315
10 Australia (AUS)78924
11 South Korea (KOR)73616
12 Hungary (HUN)63413
13 Kenya (KEN)4318
14 Spain (ESP)4127
15 Jamaica (JAM)4026
16 New Zealand (NZL)36110
17 Brazil (BRA)*35412
18 Kazakhstan (KAZ)33612
19 Canada (CAN)32914
20 Croatia (CRO)3205
21 North Korea (PRK)2327
22 Cuba (CUB)2248
23 Poland (POL)2237
24 Thailand (THA)2226
25 Colombia (COL)2204
26 Uzbekistan (UZB)2147
27 Belgium (BEL)2125
 Switzerland (SUI)2125
29 Greece (GRE)2114
30 Argentina (ARG)2103
31 Iran (IRI)2024
32 South Africa (RSA)1517
33 Sweden (SWE)1427
 Ukraine (UKR)1427
35 Denmark (DEN)1359
36 Armenia (ARM)1304
37 Belarus (BLR)1225
38 Slovenia (SLO)1214
39 Indonesia (INA)1203
40 Czech Republic (CZE)1157
41 Ethiopia (ETH)1135
 Georgia (GEO)1135
43 Romania (ROU)1124
44 Serbia (SRB)1113
45 Bahrain (BRN)1102
 Slovakia (SVK)1102
 Vietnam (VIE)1102
48 Chinese Taipei (TPE)1023
49 Independent Olympic Athletes (IOA)1012
50 Bahamas (BAH)1001
 Fiji (FIJ)1001
 Kosovo (KOS)1001
 Puerto Rico (PUR)1001
 Singapore (SIN)1001
55 Azerbaijan (AZE)0347
56 Malaysia (MAS)0213
 Turkey (TUR)0213
58 Ireland (IRL)0202
59 Lithuania (LTU)0123
60 Mongolia (MGL)0112
61 Algeria (ALG)0101
 Grenada (GRN)0101
 Philippines (PHI)0101
 Qatar (QAT)0101
 Venezuela (VEN)0101
66 Norway (NOR)0033
67 Egypt (EGY)0022
 Israel (ISR)0022
 Tunisia (TUN)0022
70 Austria (AUT)0011
 Bulgaria (BUL)0011
 Dominican Republic (DOM)0011
 Estonia (EST)0011
 India (IND)0011
 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)0011
 Moldova (MDA)0011
 Morocco (MAR)0011
 Portugal (POR)0011
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)0011
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