25 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Stunned by Sam Bradford & the Philadelphia Eagles

The New England Patriots aren’t in crisis mode, but losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, with their dysfunctional coach-quarterback tandem of Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford, is definitely something to worry about for Tom Brady and co.

The excuse of not having receivers doesn’t work. Brady got lit up by the Eagles pass rush for most of the game, and threw two interceptions, one of them resulting in a touchdown. The Special Teams failed miserably giving up two touchdowns and in general, the Eagles had too many minutes of manhandling the Patriots in usually the best home field advantage in the NFL.

This was probably the first time this season Belichick made play calling mistakes. It was one of the only times this seasons Eagles fans had nothing bad to say about coach Kelly, although the game did almost slip away from them in the end.

The Eagles now are a bit closer to winning the weirdest division in the NFL. The Patriots? They’ll win the AFC East, but losing twice in a row might cost them that crucial home field advantage.

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