49ers vs Seahawks – Richard Sherman Quiets Colin Kaepernick Criticism

Colin Kaepernick in Seattle

The residue from the San Francisco 49ers losing to the Seattle Seahawks continues to effect the airwaves in the NFC West, obviously still involving Richard Sherman. This time he made a quick response to Colin Kaepernick airing out his grievances and frustrations with his own disappointing offensive play.

Kaepernick didn’t exactly blame it all on himself, but had to make it about the Seahawks playing dirty. The problems is that when you lose 29-3, there isn’t too much talking you should be doing except trying to get better and admitting you looked terrible.

I think they get away with a lot of things on defense, but I think the biggest thing is we have to go out and execute. It’s not really something they did, it’s what we didn’t do.

So while Kaepernick is trying to make it both about the Seahawks and not about them at the same time, the truth is he simply should have kept radio silence and instead focus on improving what went wrong against a very aggressive defense for the second straight year.

Richard Sherman, who began the week by calling out Jim Harbaugh for lacking sportsmanship, ignoring his former player (Harbaugh was Sherman’s head coach at Stanford), moved on to silence Kaepernick’s criticism of the Seahawks being a dirty team.

We got away with three picks, two fumbles, five turnovers. We got away with a 29-3 victory, it looked like. That’s the way it looked to me.

In a rivalry that seems to be heating up a little bit more with every game and post-game comment, it’s better to keep your head down after losses. When it comes to trash talking and the willingness to trade words through the media, it seems no one is a match for Sherman, who has earned bragging rights early on this season thanks to a very dominant win against a team that considers itself to be the best in the NFL.

Kaepernick has become a little bit more outspoken once there was something to talk about – being a starter and a playoff winner with the 49ers, almost becoming an overnight star the moment Alex Smith was moved from the starting quarterback position. Maybe the almost flawless performance against the Packers, in which the 49ers enjoyed a blind eye from the referees on a couple of plays, made him all that more stunned at how badly he and his offense performed in their first game this season against their biggest rivals at the moment.

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