4th and Sixteen – A Poem for Tajh Boyd

It probably has a lot to do with hating the SEC, but thanks to Tajh Boyd completing a big throw on 4th and 16, leading to Clemson beating LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, he got a poem written in his honor.

Clemson caused quite an upset in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, beating LSU 25-24 with Chandler Catanzaro’s last second 37 yard field goal to win the game. That field goal was made possible thanks to an incredible throw by quarterback Tajh Boyd, somehow connecting with DeAndre Hopkins for 26 yards, facing a loss if he wouldn’t have gotten over the 4th and 16 situation.

Boyd finished the game with 346 yards and two touchdown passes. On his Junior season for the Tigers, he finished with 3896 yards, completing 67.2% of his passes, averaging 9.1 yards per attempts and throwing 36 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. That, apparently  transcends you into hero status and merits a poem written about you in Clemson.

4th and sixteen, 4th and sixteen

A down usually played by the Clemson punt team.

But no, not this time, not on this night,

For the Tigers were down by two and time was quite tight

So a perfect play Chad Morris did call,

And Nuk went to his knees and caught a perfectly thrown ball.

“First Down! First Down!” the fans screamed an shouted,

“I told you so!” We said to those who doubted.

Tajh and Nuk had given their best, 

And a few plays later, Catman did the rest.

So the Tigers claimed victory on a stage that was grand, 

Being the only ballgame aired in the land.

So if life has you facing many 4th and sixteens,

Just remember it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Just like long odds Clemson faced on that night,

You can overcome anything with a little moxie and might!