Where to Watch the Champions League Final (Barcelona vs Juventus)

The long wait is over: The 2015 UEFA Champions League Final is here, with Barcelona playing against Juventus, and if you don’t know where to watch it online, we’re here to help.

But before the links come, a little pit of prologue is necessary, isn’t it? Both Barcelona and Juventus have won this title before. Barcelona are four time European champions (1992, 2006, 2009, 2011) and are possibly going to win it for a fourth time in 10 years, which is quite incredible considering no one has repeated as champion in 25 years.

For Juventus, it’ll be an attempt to win it a third time (1985, 1996), hoping that they don’t lose in the final for a sixth time (most recently in 2003), which would make them the all-time leader in final losses, breaking the tie with Benfica.

Barcelona vs Juventus

And After the Introductions, Where to Actually Watch it?

1. FirstRow Sports. Specific Link: 1 (More come up before the match on their football page)

2. VIP Box Sports. They don’t have a specific link up yet, but it’ll come on this page.

3. SportStream.TV. They don’t have a specific link up yet, but it’ll come on the same page.

4. StreamHunter.

5. LiveTV. Specific link: 1. Live streams will be available approximately 30 minutes before the broadcast’s start.