20 Best Memes of LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova & the Cleveland Cavaliers Beating the Atlanta Hawks Again

With the basketball skills and the UFC art of Matthew Dellavedova the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting closer to sweep the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern conference finals, and the memes mostly focus on the following three aspects.

1. LeBron James is playing without Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving (games 2 & 3). Sure, he’s trying to do a little bit too much on his own. But the Cavaliers are cruising to the NBA finals, where they’ll probably meet the Golden State Warriors. James is getting criticized for… well, for being himself. Maybe his personality rubs fans the wrong way, but there’s no doubt he’s a one-of-a-kind player.

2. Matthew Dellavedova shouldn’t be starting for a playoff team, or any team for that matter. But it’s happening, and he’s making the most of it. His defense, his tenacity and dirtiness, which every great team needs. He’s not trying to do things he can’t, and fits in perfectly with what the Cavs are doing around LeBron. He’s even got two players ejected, and the meter is still running.

3. The Hawks won a franchise best 60 wins this season. Home court advantage until the finals (not including if it’s Golden State). But these playoffs have been difficult. Rough first round, difficult conference semifinals, injuries, and hopeless conference finals. A great system isn’t everything. It doesn’t hurt having players who can break out of that mold and do something special on their own, something the Hawks don’t have enough of.

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