30 Best Memes of James Harden & the Houston Rockets Winning a Falling Stephen Curry & Golden State Warriors

A day after the Houston Rockets, led by James Harden, manage to stay alive in the playoffs, the memes focus on the fall & injury of Stephen Curry, the habits of Matthew Dellavedova and a bit of Josh Smith not being able to make free throws.

Harden had the best game of his playoff career, so maybe the Lil’ B curse isn’t real? At least for one game (the Rockets are still trailing the Golden State Warriors 1 to 3 in the conference finals), it wasn’t.

Curry “stole the show” with his crash. He landed badly on his neck which took him to the dressing room for concussion checks, although he was cleared to return and play some more bad basketball.

And somehow, Matthew Dellavedova, an end-of-the-bench kind of player for most of the season, has turned into a media star because of his antics and suddenly starting role. Too bad he’s usually mentioned as someone who’s out there to intentionally injure players.

The real victim

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