37 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Sweeping the Atlanta Hawks

On to the NBA finals for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, as the memes celebrate the achievement and make fun of the Atlanta Hawks.

Because the Hawks were the best team in the East during the regular season. They might not have been actually the best team in the conference, but getting swept against the Cavs does shine a pretty negative light on what they’ve done this season.

The Cavaliers? They destroyed the Hawks in the final game. James got to pose for another picture that will last a very long time and make its round through the memes.

Maybe the two funniest picks out of the long collection have to do with players that aren’t going to the hall of fame. One is Kendrick Perkins who doesn’t play much these days, but will hold a pack of ice on his knee either way. The other pick is the whole Shumpert-J.R. Smith turn of events. From playing and being criticized during their time with the Knicks, they’re now going to the NBA finals. Carmelo Anthony? He’s wondering whether he made the wrong choice by signing with the Knicks.

Hawks Quit Red carpet Refs helped him jump LeBroom Uncle Drew, Ankle Drew Flying to the Finals Atlanta Lied Shumpert Sweep Sweeping the Hawks 2 Can't stop him Who is texting Melo Next mission The Cavalry Soft Done with the East Forgiven James Jones Real MVP Before Melo The Real MVP 2 4-0 Cleaning up Nailed it Spurs of the East King James Move over ATL fans said A message to the bandwagoners Game 4 highlights Carmelo right now By the sword I never stopped loving you Carmelo at home You mad Carmelo Wolverine Carmelo Go Warriors New York is the bottom Perkins knee hurting

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