35 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Making the NBA Finals, Leaving James Harden & the Houston Rockets Behind

The memes of the day after focus on how good Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are, but also put the spotlight on Steve Kerr, Mark Jackson and especially how bad James Harden and the Houston Rockets were.

Curry didn’t have the greatest finish to the series, but at least he didn’t set an NBA record for turnovers in a single game with 13 like James Harden did. The Lil B curse continues to rampage through the league, taking no prisoners.

Dwight Howard tried his best all game long to hurt players. It was another playoff disappointment for him, but the most eye catching moment was when he was using the tablet on the bench. Who knows what he was using it for?

Maybe the funniest thing about all this is Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr. Jackson did well as the Warriors head coach but was criticized and not very liked within the organization by assistants and especially the people above him in the hierarchy. Now he’s calling games as Steve Kerr takes over, made adjustments with some new players and is on his way to the NBA finals. Jackson never got the team past the conference semifinals.

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