8 Best Memes of the New England Patriots Stunned by the Miami Dolphins

Patriots Fans Meme

There’s nothing new about the New England Patriots & Tom Brady losing in South Beach to the Miami Dolphins. Memes making fun of it aren’t new either. But the way it happened? Unseen.

The Patriots lost 34-33, their 4th of the season and their 10th against their division rivals during the Brady era. Something about the humidity, heat and perhaps other distractions does it once every two years or so to the winningest franchise of the last two decades.

This time it was a crazy, after-the-clock-went-00:00 play, that included two lateral passes and one Rob Gronkowski playing safety, with Bill Belichick fearing a 70-yard hail mary pass by Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill did get marked down for a 69-yard touchdown pass, but Kenyan Drake is the true hero of the insane finish.

The division (AFC East) is still the Patriots, as it has been for two decades more or less. But the Dolphins showed another problem the vulnerable Patriots have this year while pleasing a lot of NFL fanbases in the process of keeping their playoff hopes alive another week.

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