NBA Rumors – LaMarcus Aldridge Selling His House; so is he Leaving the Portland Trail Blazers?

For most NBA teams, there’s the offseason, the draft and free agency to look forward to, or dread. Like the Portland Trail Blazers and their fans, worried LaMarcus Aldridge is leaving them this summer. Is putting a ‘for sale’ sign next to his house something to take seriously?

Portland Trail Blazers correspondent Amy Schwartz tweeted that Aldridge is putting up his Portland home for sale. Now that can mean two things: He’s planning on finding somewhere else to live in the city, or is getting ready for a departure. He still hasn’t signed anything and won’t be able to for at least a month, but for those believing in signs, this is one.

Image: Source
Image: Source

Aldridge is going to get the maximum deal from Portland or from someone else. Staying in Oregon means more money, obviously, but Aldridge has been for years listed by the media as someone trying to push his way out of Portland. Despite the team’s return to the playoffs in the last two years and the very impressive potential this team has with the current roster, maybe Aldridge prefers playing with a bit more spotlight turned on him (bigger city). Or is it a championship chance he’s worried about?

It’ll be a very interesting and crucial summer for the Blazers in general. Aldridge might be leaving. Wesley Matthews and Robin Lopez are free agents. Damian Lillard is up for extension, another max deal for them to pay, although negotiations should be simple if he wants to remain with the Blazers. Nicolas Batum might be traded.

In short? All the hard work of trying to build a good team, maybe even a contender, for the last few years, bouncing back from the Greg Oden bust and Brandon Roy destroying his own knees, might go up in flames if Aldridge decides to play somewhere else.