NFL Rumors – LeSean McCoy Hates “Racist” Chip Kelly, But Also Thinks He’s a Genius

So does LeSean McCoy dislike or like Chip Kelly? The Buffalo Bills isn’t trying to hide the fact that he called his former head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles a racist, but on the other hand, he has nothing bad to say about him.

McCoy got traded by the Eagles to the Bills, and in an interview with ESPN the Magazine he said that Kelly got rid of all the good players, especially all the good black players.

Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy
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McCoy talked to Buffalo media, hoping he’d be asked questions about the Bills. He was wrong.

To the first question about Kelly and the racism part, McCoy said this: I don’t have to explain myself to nobody. Nobody. I don’t. I said what I said, said what I felt at the time and I’m done with that.

Then he was asked again, and said this: Did you just hear what I just said here? Then why did you … I just told you, I’m not talking no more about Chip Kelly or the Eagles. So I’m done with that. You can ask me about the Bills.

There was a third time as well, and another response: Yo? Are y’all listening to me? Can I say it any other way? I’m not talking about Chip Kelly or no Eagles. So I’ll be done with this interview if nobody else has anything to say about the Bills.

But McCoy doesn’t think Kelly is a racist. He things, apparently, he’s a genius racist, which is what you can understand when he set out to praise his new offensive coordinator, Greg Roman. I’m not sure 49ers fans think of Roman as a genius.

The type of guy, the coach that Greg is, he does a bunch of different things. And that’s sort of reminds you of Chip, with the whole just unique style of getting his backs in space. That genius type of thing. No matter what, I feel like he’s a genius and Greg is similar. They find ways to kind of trick the defense and get their backs in a lot of open space. So Greg hopefully has a similarity there, for sure.