NFL Rumors – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Happy With Jameis Winston Throwing Bombs Downfield

There was no doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to choose Jameis Winston as the number one overall draft pick and their quarterback of the future. They’re hoping he’ll be as exciting in the very near future as he’s been in the OTAs.

In a very friendly system for quarterbacks who love to throw the ball and take risks, Winston has been showing his ability to get the ball downfield and look to stretch the field constantly. The team’s designated backup quarterback, Mike Glennon, is working the safer routes, constantly checking down outlet receivers in the flats, but the Bucs have seen enough of Glennon in the last couple of years to know he’s not going to take them anywhere.

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The most exciting part is the explosive plays and getting to throw to all these big-time wide receivers we have. That’s the fun part of everything. I have three guys that are above 6-foot-3. That is amazing. That is every quarterback’s dream and I got it. I have two Kelvin Benjamins this year with Vincent being the veteran and Mike Evans being an outstanding young guy, one year older than me. It’s definitely a blessing to have two of those guys. But other guys like Louis Murphy, Russell Shepard and even Kenny Bell, who is a rookie this year; those guys are also doing great.

Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans and Austin Seferian-Jenkins are going to like playing with Winston, who threw for 7964 yards in two years at Florida State. That included 65 touchdown passes, but also 28 interceptions, although his 18 interceptions last season haven’t swayed him from constantly looking down for options around the secondary and trying to squeeze the ball through tight spaces.