NFL Rumors – Michael Vick Still Waiting For Someone to Show Some Interest in Him

Despite not really getting any interest in the offseason so far, Michael Vick, who last played with the New York Jets, believes he’ll find himself a team in 2015, and is still capable of being a starter.

Vick, with 12-ish NFL seasons behind him, didn’t do very well for the Jets last season, although the situation of eventually being in a quarterback-by-committee situation and generally playing for a bad team didn’t help him. He completed just 52.9% of his passes in 10 games (three starts), throwing three touchdown passes and two interceptions.

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Image: Source

Once the most electrifying runner in the game, he rushed for just 153 yards on 26 attempts. Without what used to be his greatest advantage, it’s no wonder there’s not too much of an interest in a an almost 35-year old who hasn’t had a winning record (as misleading as it might be) as a starter since 2011.

Vick isn’t giving up. He believes he’s good enough, and isn’t worried about waiting for an opportunity. An injury or something of the sorts always happens. In training camp or during the season. He feels he’s going to be ready.

I think when you’re a veteran, you can do it. You understand everything that goes on throughout the course of an NFL season, throughout the course of a preseason. So you know how to pace yourself. You’ve just got to stay training. You’ve just got to work out. You have to make sure when you go in that you’re in tip-top shape and not lagging, because if you do, it’s going to show.

Vick began his career with the Atlanta Falcons, but after the 2006 season was sent to prison for organizing dog fights. He got out and made his successful comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles, but his newly found peak form didn’t last very long, and quickly deteriorated into someone teams don’t really want to touch at the moment.

I think over the course of my career, I’ve transitioned into being a better quarterback, in a sense. Andy Reid helped with that. Now I just take everything and just put it all together. I’m probably not as good an athlete as I was back then, but I make up for it mentally. So now, it’s the total package. I’m still strong, still fast, still quick. Those are my intangibles, and I’ve got to continue to use them.